Monday, February 18, 2019

Ideal Article Content Length For SEO - Tips For Bloggers

There is a lot of scientific study about attention deficit and hyperactivity levels in the modern age due to the extended use of electronic devices.

Creating longer in-depth content for highly distracted users is not an easy job not even for professional journalists and scientist who, as we already know, dedicate a lot of time to research and validate their data before writing even a single idea.

The fierce competition is another problem that content marketers should address. They have to discover that sweet spot of ideal content length for their niche market.

Creating longer articles require a lot of time for the research therefore the majority of bloggers will prefer the easy way by writing 200-500 words articles. Newer studies shows that people want content that inspire them, content that answer their problem thoroughly.

Articles that are at least 1200 words long tend to rank higher, because the readers are more willing to commit into reading them. These newer studies destroy the “golden fish attention” myth which says that modern readers will glance at a web page far a couple of seconds “above the fold” - (above the fold is the first screen that loads when accessing the webpage) and will continue skimming.

Some niches require extensive research and longer articles to give the reader all the answers it needs before making the decision to convert (share the article, insert email address to get more information, insert credit card data to purchase the product or service). 
Think about articles created for health market! People will find more value in longer articles, where there is a lot of information and they will convert more and share it more often.

"If the web page survives this first — extremely harsh — 10-second judgment, users will look around a bit. However, they're still highly likely to leave during the subsequent 20 seconds of their visit. Only after people have stayed on a page for about 30 seconds does the curve become relatively flat. People continue to leave every second, but at a much slower rate than during the first 30 seconds.
So, if you can convince users to stay on your page for half a minute, there's a fair chance that they'll stay much longer — often 2 minutes or more, which is an eternity on the web."
Nielsen Norman Group. (2019). How Long Do Users Stay on Web Pages?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Feb. 2019].

Here is what New York Times has to say about length of an article:

"But it turns out that readers have more exalted tastes, according to the Penn researchers, Jonah Berger and Katherine A. Milkman. People preferred e-mailing articles with positive rather than negative themes, and they liked to send long articles on intellectually challenging topics. Tierney, J. (2019). People Share News Online That Inspires Awe, Researchers Find. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Feb. 2019]. made a graph where it shows that longer articles are shared more. They found that 3000-10000 words articles get the most shares.

Tips For Bloggers Who Want To Create Longer Articles Fast!

Optimize the time dedicated to research and writing articles.

Outline your article before starting to write.

If you know what you have to write your center of attention will remain on the topic which will reduce the time dedicated to this task.

For longer articles, divide the total number of words as follows:
  • • Introduction: at least 200 words
  • • Topic 1: at least 500 words
  • • Topic 2: at least 500 words
  • • Topic 3: at least 500 words
  • • Discussion: at least 600 words
  • • Conclusion: at least 200 words.

Do the research:

Get your reference sources online and offline before starting to write a single word on your new article. When writing lengthy articles the most time is consumed by researching, reading and taking notes from reference sources. The effective writing (which is the final part of creating a lengthy in-depth article) depends on the speed you can type all your compiled article from your hand written and electronic notes.
Download your copy of BuzzBundle and you can start searching for ideas on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin YouTube, forums and blogs all with a single search. You only need to insert your search terms and buzzbundle will find articles related to that terms very fast.
Your sources of inspiration are now grouped together.

With BuzzBundle you can even manage your Social Media campaign on multiple social accounts. Easy posting and messaging, easy scheduling, easy brand management.

Use free websites to get inspiration for your article such as
  • Amazon’s book previews: Look at chapter titles
  • Google Trends: Use the explore option for your subject area
  • Look for variations of your topic areas in hashtag form
  • Conference agendas: Look at the titles of keynote speeches and workshops
  • Google’s “searches related to”: Located at the bottom of each search page
  • Get some statistical ideas to work on your article from
  • SImilarweb
  • Buzzsumo
  • Ahref

Start developing the ideas you wanted to convey with your article.

Well researched articles will take from couple of hours to a full day to be completed.
Don't focus on reaching the goal of high number of words written on a page fast. That can mean nothing to your reader. You can easily take random expressions from your potential keyword list, but this will increase your bounce rate which will lead to ranking lower because high bounce rate is a trigger signal for search engine algorithms that the site has a very thin poor content.

Get into the writing mood! Remove any distractions online and offline!

Arrange your creative space in such a way that will help you be inspired. Make your room distraction free (shut down your tv, close the windows to keep the street noise as far as it can be).
Don’t waste time on checking funny pages during the writing of your articles because this will break your focus and you will waste important ideas that tend to link together when working without constant interruptions.
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Thursday, February 14, 2019

5 High Quality Websites To Get Insight On How To Improve Your SEO Strategy


Affiliate marketing success rely on high quality information. 

From my experience I can tell you that you will see good results in your work from the moment you are starting to have access to high quality information,
When it comes to niche marketing through affiliate programs you have to stay away from the infinite learning loop. For this to happen you need to filter out all your email newsletters, all your preffered websites and any other source of information you might be using. Don't waste time anymore trying to figure out something from sites that have no clue what they are talking about.
SEO is the long term approach to make your site rank on top 10 results based on your chosen keyword. In order to succeed at this process you need to have access to the most up to date information
You won't find out how to change a flat tire by reading a cooking book. 😃
The flat tire is your site that has no traffic. The cooking book is whatever "information" you think you are getting from reading lots and lots of web pages with poor written content.
We have to thank google who started to work on a clutter free internet without Spam spun articles created through copy paste of information.
What you need to keep in mind is that you need to offer great content that your readers will love and will share.
You need to read a lot to know on what to keep an eye on what works and what is not working anymore.

This is my list of sites that need to be on your speed dial list in your browser.

I believe that they qualify as data sources for quality information because you will get great professional insights on how to improve your SEO strategy
My favorite is Search Engine Journal
From here I can get the latest search news. They have great guides for beginner and professional internet marketers.
I have found a lot of articles from where I had identified actionable steps for my affiliate marketing campaigns.
Search Engine Land is another great site to find out about SEM, SEO, SMM and other search marketing guides and news.
Sprout Social Blog
You should have this site bookmarked to find key insight about social media trends and social media competitive analysis
Here you will find valuable information about marketing your site.
The Link-Assistant blog packed with latest SEO news, guides, amazing offers, and all kinds of Digital Marketing
What are you keeping on your speed dial can help you identify the right actions to take faster than other competitors within your niche.
Not all internet marketers do the same steps to rank higher.
Some of them are still using outdated techniques that will lead their site to search engine penalty that are hard to recover.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Whitepaper - Find Backlink Opportunities By Checking Your Competitor Website Using SEO SpyGlass

Back link management is one of the core components that help any site rank well using SEO techniques.
Without proper back link building strategies the content of any website will remain anonymous on the internet.

SEO SpyGlass can help you to:

Find all back links pointing to a website (either yours or your competitors)

Here is how you can uncover a lot about your competition by just using this powerful tool for website owner and professionals alike.

Step 1 Enter A Website To Analyze

After starting SEO Powersuite automatically pops up the Dialog Box "Create New Backlink Research Project"

You can run your back link research based on the "exact URL" or "domain only" or even "domains and subdomains"

Check "Enable Expert Options" if you want to select what factors to you want to verify or simply click FINISH and SEO Powersuite will select them
For explanatory purposes I am using the Wikipedia page: Portal:Arts
This is not a niche site but I want you to see how simple it is to uncover a lot about any competitor website using SEO Powersuite SEO Syglass

You can run your backlink research based on the "exact URL" or "domain only" or even "domains and subdomains"

Check "Enable Expert Options" if you want to select what factors you want to verify or simply click FINISH and SEO Powersuite will select them automatically.

Step 2 – Choose Preferred Backlink Sources

There are three options to choose from:
  • SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer (Former WebMeUp) – does not require account to login to start checking backlinks.

This is the in house tool maintained by  Link-Assistant team.
Their bots crawl billions of web-pages daily picking about data about their link profiles.
This database can be accessed by webmasters, and website promoters through SEO Powersuite SEO Spyglass.

The following sources require your google account to start checking for the requested data.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

Step 3: Configure Backlinks Collection Settings.

You need to decide what matter most for your site. To have a lot of links from the same domain but different pages or to have more links from different domains with higher levels of authority/
Tick the box that matter most to you
Limit the number of backlinks
Limit backlinks from one domain

Next click FINISH and let SEOPowersuite seo spyglass to do its intended job.

On the Right side click on Backlinks and you will see the page with all backlinks that SEO Powersuite has discovered for that competitor.
You can easily see the link profile of that particular page.
In the example above we can see that 97,4% of the links are dofollow type.
The number of backlinks found for that page.
We can filter the results by the type of links
  • Text links
  • New Backlinks
  • Dofollow links
  • Nofollow links
  • Links from homepage
  • Image links

What is most important to see here is what links have a higher rank and are the type dofollow

Google has made a lot of algorithm changes and you need to pick the links that have a a higher value
You can rank on top 5 results just by using only 10-15 backlinks with different anchor text.
Start building with 1-3 backlinks (daily and if not at least weekly) from good quality website (no SPAM, no illegal sites, no porn, all with hat)

Download NOW SEO Powersuite or SEO Spyglass and start your linkbuilding campaign!

Discover your competitors link building secrets

Lets take a peek at our competitor anchor texts

Select what anchor texts have the most links in your competitor website. The more diverse they are the better for you. You won't get far with anchor text such as "click here", "read this" and many unrelated expressions

Protect or recover your rankings with Anti-Penalty Link Audit

Start monitoring your backlink early when starting your affiliate site. Check for spammy links or low quality links which will put you at risk of penalty with Google which means losing a lot of business opportunities and money.

Click on the right side on Penalty risk page. Here you will see your competitor backlinks that create a risk of penalty.

The paggggge analyzed in this example has a medium risk of 25.7% to be penalyzed. Although you can see that there are a lot of links with high risk of penality overall the score of the page is low risk with 74.3%.

Chec links for over 50+ crucial factors

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Niche discovery - this modern “Columbus egg” of affiliate marketing

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Discovering the potentially profitable niche won’t get you much if you are not working that niche to take the most of it.
When talking about niche discovery seems that everyone knows how to do it better and faster that you do.
Don’t over-analyze your niche idea. Just start working on it. Start perfecting your skills. 
Take the example of street food carts. Some of them will be in business for a long period of time while other will go broke in couple of days. What does that mean? Do people stopped eating? The need for fast food has disappeared? Could be the cart owner who did something wrong?
What I am trying to say with the above example is that even the simplest ideas don’t work if the execution is done wrong.
What links a street food cart with an affiliate niche is that even though the need exist, there are people willing to pay for the solution, that does not necessarily mean instant success. Only those who figure out the most efficient ways to profit from the idea will stay in business.
If you read the expression "Columbus egg" for the first time on this page I can confirm you that it is linked that well known Italian explorer and navigator - Christopher Columbus- (c. 1451–1506) who completed the voyages across Atlantic Ocean and discovered the “New World”
According to the legends, during a banquet where Columbus presented his  discovery of the new lands, the noblemen were not so impressed by its accomplishment saying that it was something very easy that everyone could have done. Columbus took a boiled egg and made the bet that he can make it stand upright. Nobody knew how. Columbus broke the egg at one end and placed it gently on the table.
Simply stated “Columbus egg” refers to ideas that might seem simple to everyone after they are  put to practice by a single person.
The beginner marketer should ignore critics who talk about how simple it is to accomplish something after they see the finished work of a person who was willing to put the time to accomplish what was needed.
Every second on earth there must be billion of brilliant ideas who die because they are not put into action.
Check YouTube for  homemade inventions and you will surprise yourself thinking that what you see out there even you could have done it, but you didn’t, because you thought it was too simple and nobody could be interested.
Te execution gives the competitive advantage.
Don't just create lists of keywords, start working on the niche that you already uncovered.

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Minimum Viable Product Concept For Content Creators For Affiliate Marketing


Time and budget constraint are very common for affiliate start ups. Blog owners need to juggle with research, content creation, promotion, setting up tools for that blog.

In order to keep the focus on the desired goals there is a need to plan the initial mess.

You can launch the site without  all planned articles at a time, divide them into small batches grouped by themes and by order of importance (identified during the keyword research step).

Launching your affiliate site means creating content on a strict schedule to keep your audience engaged.

You can launch your 60 or more article affiliate blog using minimum viable product technique.

Basically the concept of minimum viable product (MVP) is used in software development where the new product can be launched with enough features to satisfy the needs that early adopters for that particular software have. The final version will be launched after taking into consideration the feedback of the initial users.

MVP technique in content affiliate marketing means launching the smallest number of articles that solve one of the most pressing problems for that particular niche. That set of articles has to achieve the goals of the marketer (traffic and conversion) and could help the blog survive on the market on its own.

Here are some  steps from minimum viable product concept for software developers that can be adapted to content creation for affiliate marketing.

Identify The Number One Problem That Your First Set Of Articles Can Solve And Deliver The Exact Set Of Articles

This can be done through keyword research using free or paid tools to gather as much data as its needed. Your list of keywords for a certain topic should include high intent keywords among those low competition/high traffic keywords.
Write those articles within the first set and use keywords that have high intent, because you need conversions. The intent that you are aiming might be to make your user subscribe to the email list, or you want him to opt in for a trial offer you are promoting, or even you might want the user to buy the product you are writing the article.
If you are using MVP technique in content creation for your affiliate blog you should target a lot of high intent keywords in your niche.

Analyze Your Direct Competitors Within Your Niche

Run a simple Google search with your target keywords and take note about google ads, what keywords those competitors are using. Then see the organic results from the first page. Use those keywords into your articles only if you can identify a profitable intent within those search terms.
Using MVP technique you need to focus on high intent converting long tail keywords.

Define Your User Flow

How your users ar interacting with your articles. Which ones are the most visited. What is the bounce rate. If there is a high bounce rate to an article that means the users are expecting to read something else. Rewrite the article to meet your readers expectations.

Gain User Feedback

Give your user the opportunity to comment on your article, to send an email.
You can even run surveys on your site to improve the quality and relevancy.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

How Much Revenue Can You Afford To Lose In 2019 By Cutting Cost With Professional b2b saas SEO service?

Any business owner wants to use his money in the most efficient way possible, but…, when it comes to SEO, many times, cutting costs will lead to tragic results.
When the main source of income comes from online presence every drop of traffic will hit the financial health of that business because this means less clients for an indefinite period of time.
The internet is full of so-called experts, which, in the fortunate cases, will do some bad work  for the client site at a fraction of the cost for professional digital marketing agency. In the unfortunate cases these so-called experts will simply scam business owners.
The business that uses professional saas SEO software gains a huge, competitive advantage. The most efficient way to keep the expenses in control is by using highly efficient, highly accurate tools from professionals that deliver what they promise.
CognitiveSEO gives the business owner the opportunity to see real time what should be checked and improved to rank higher in the smallest amount of time possible with the most efficient way of spending money.
It can be considered the secret tool that will push the business in front of the competition. The real question is not how much money a business can save by choosing the lowest price on the market but:
How much revenue can you afford to lose by doing budget cuts in the most crucial area of your business which is: your online presence?
CognitiveSEO - Site Audit tool helps the internet marketer to see what should be done to improve ranking and content quality of its articles.
CognitiveSEO site audit tool

From the page Overview he can see the health score of its site.
Can you afford to miss huge potential market share by not using professional SEO tools?
In my opinion the most impressive thing about cognitive SEO is the combination of tools for seo ranking and highly efficient insight through their youtube channel and their blog.
Doing online business in 2019 has never been easier once you are using the correct tools to help you rank faster on your market.
The fastest way to rank higher is to use the best set of seo tools that you can afford.
If you want to learn more about all algorithm changes made by Google you can read Google Algorithm Change History
You need a steady stream of cash flow to run your business. You can't afford the time to take a break from running the business to upgrade your knowledge about ranking factors every time search engines roll out an algorithm change.
Google wants quality content that offer their users a great user experience. Lots of marketers and "seo experts" don't comply with their rules by cutting corners. This leads to penalty from google which for a small business it will be hard to recover. The economy made when choosing less professional SEO service become the tombstone for that business.
Choose the professionals who can help the business stay on the right path of SEO even with all these infernal algorithm changes because they have tweaked their tools to help you steer the site toward prosperity and high ranking. You need the right tools tweaked in a way that helps you get the traffic your business should get without spending countless hours trying to understand what needs to be done when algorithm changes happens
By using CognitiveSEO:

  • You will get insight how to improve your SEO strategy
  • You will know how to get better conversions in your site.
  • You will have an efficient keyword ranking strategy for paid and organic traffic for the major search engines
  • You will  uncover how to leverage analytic data for your profit
  • You can also have the tools for  brand monitoring

CognitiveSEO means search engine marketing done right using the best tools for competitor backlinks  analysis and that is not all. You can monitor your website inbound backlinks as well. Even if you are using the tools for the first time you will see how easy and simple it is to monitor the risk of google algorithm penalty and do the right actions to stay at the top of searches using your target keywords.
Start working using the most effective digital marketing techniques embedded into these tools.
Use CognitiveSEO tools in the early stages of your internet marketing strategy to get the right steps to do .

 Just give it a tryStart your free trial right now! Risk Free!

Go to page SiteAudit within SEO Campaigns and you will find the dashboard with information that will help you.
The tool will show you the most important things that need to be fixed as you can see in the image for my campaign there are the following factor to work on:

  • Missing Image Title Attribute
  • Missing Alt Attribute
  • Non-descriptive URL

On the left side of the page we can access the tools which will help to improve the indexability of the site, the content, the architecture, mobile friendliness of the site, the performance.

RankTracking page will help see how well  your site is indexed based on your target keywords in mobile search and desktop search for different geographical areas.
Ranktracking in CognitiveSEO

Cognitive SEO Site Explorer Tool will be the most appropriate to run competitor backlinks analysis
This can be similar to that SF gadget -  "x-ray vision glasses"  but instead of see through clothes you will be using it to see through how your competitor is ranking.
Site Explorer CognitiveSEO

This can be a break point in your  validation phase of competitors in your niche that are easier to be outranked.
If you have uncovered that the competitor it is to strong to compete with, then it is time to go back to the drawing board and find a less competitive niche.
Information About Competitor SIte In Cognitive SEO site explorer

Let's say you want to rank higher than "Subway Surfers" using their search terms and links. It will be a near impossible task that will drain money and time fast. You need to choose other competitor to beat because you need to be at the top of the search using your long tail keywords.
Using CongitiveSEO rank-tracking back-links analysis tool you will easily find how many referring domains that competitor website has and how many links are pointing to it.

  • You will see even the anchor text for that competitor. 
  • Find ranking by country. 
  • What competitor website pages are the most popular
  • How big of page influence has that competitor?
  • How many social share that page gets.

High converting content marketing needs the best Google Ranking keyword position checker. 
CognitiveSEO has created the tool that does that. Keyword Tool & Content Assistant.
Cognitive SEO Keyword Tool and Content Assitant

You will find in an instant unique suggestions for you base keyword and how difficult it is to rank on google using that search term.
Keyword Tool - keyword difficulty score

Using ranking analysis you will see the top pages that get the most amount of organic traffic for that content.

After you have finished validating your niche and your target keywords. You have created a beautiful article. You need to tweak it a little bit more by running cognitiveSEO content assistant.
cognitiveSEO content assistant.

With just a a simple click on the button "Check Score"  you will find your content performance score and if there is the chance to rank on the top results on google using your focuse keywords in that article.
cognitiveSEO content assistant - optimize content

You will find the Flesch–Kincaid readability score of that article.
Most important in this page are four categories aimed to help you even further.

  • Keywords you already use
  • Keywords that you should use
  • Keywords that you should use more often
  • Keywords stuffing.

If you are pleased with the results then you can publish your article and earn links and traffic that will lead to higher conversion rates.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

How To Choose The Right Keywords To Start Your Niche

When it comes to affiliate marketing you need to increase your odds of earning as much money as it is possible in the shortest amount of time without spending a fortune during the process.
Chances are you have read at least once this quote: “Work smarter not harder!”.
This article will give you some hints to work smarter in choosing the most profitable niche even if this is the first time for you.

How to find the seed keyword for the niche?

Start from the major market categories such as:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Relationship and Dating
  • Self improvement
  • Wealth and money

These are those “evergreen markets” where the demand for products or services that solve problems never seems to stop.
Break down into smaller sub markets
Use free tools such as
Paste the names of the markets into Keywordtooldominator to get a rough list of smaller markets, but this is not the niche that you search for.
Even if you got something more specific such as:

You need to refine this list a little bit further.
Using the list that you got from Keywordtooldominator you can insert the new keywords into any search box of major online retailers ecomerce site. Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay
In Amazon note all autofill suggestions which is aimed on what people want to buy and where they can find the item they search for.
Example of amazon autofill using “excel” as keyword.

Look for list such as: 10 Best Selling products on Amazon, Best Selling products on Clickbank.
Start with your seed keyword based on the product, information based product or service you want to promote to earn the affiliate commission.
Here it’s how I do the research to uncover the niche of an existing product that sells well:
Go to aliexpress and search "health and fitness equipment". Filter the results by criteria that interests you.
If you search for the newest product then it must be a product that could sell well for a period of time. We assume that the producers of that article did well their marketing research and they did uncover at least some unmet demand before launching it on the market.
If you filter your search by the orders received for a particular product then you know that you got an established market with a certain demand for that product.
Take the name of the first products that Aliexpress is showing you and do a research on Amazon.
If you find the product on Amazon you need to figure out if there is a good demand for it.
Next step is to find the niche of the product.
This can be done by reading people’s comments and product description.
Now look for the price range of the product.
Answer yourself the following questions:
How much can you earn from selling it?
Calculate the amount of USD you can get for each sale.
Read carefully the amazon affiliate Associates Program Policies and choose to promote those products that have a high demand, low competition (if any)
Is it worth to build an affiliate site for it with at least 50 articles with related content?
This is the product that I have used to check what niche is it for on Amazon:
Back Massage Magic Stretcher Fitness Equipment Stretch Relax Mate Stretcher Lumbar Support Spine Pain Relief Chiropractic
In this  example, the seed expressions I used to discover potential niches in the health and fitness equipment sub market research were:

  • Back Massage Magic Stretcher
  • low back stretchers

Using I got the following ideas for seed keywords:

  • low back stretchers
  • low back stretchers device
  • low back stretchers and decompression
  • ergonomic low back stretchers
  • low back stretcher sciatica mattress
  • low low back pain stretchers
  • low back trax back stretchers

What are the right search volumes for niche related keywords?

The search volume threshold to look for when selecting your seed keywords is related to the product you are trying to promote.
In adword keyword tool check
Competition - low
Top of page bid (low range)
Top of page bid (high range)

In the above example we can see that even the competition is low for the expression “keyword planner io” you need to pay up to $48.64 to be on the first page. This means that the market could be oversaturated and the ROI must be high. You need to earn at list $50 for each click to create a campaign using this expression.
In terms of number of average monthly searches even a threshold of 100-1k is good if you can have high paying products that cover the cost per click.
Use low search volume long tail keywords when you are trying to reach an easy ranking, which can have much higher conversion rate if selected properly.
Create helper articles using informational long tail keywords to leverage their power in low competitiveness and good search volume. This way you have established yourself as a good professional in the eyes of your readers. They will want to read more from you if they have found enough information in the informational articles.
Good informational articles will earn you the will to share your article from your readers. We all do this everyday. When we find articles with good and helpful content we are willing to share the link of that article with our friend that we know they have similar intersts.

What free tools can I use to create a list of related keywords for a niche?

The next step is to refine the list you got and extract only those expressions who will help you rank your article on the first page of major search engines whenever the user fires the search using the low competition high search volume long tail keyword you have used in your article.
Start with the most popular tools from Google - google trends and google related searches.

Google Trends -

to find the interest of people for the product that you are willing to invest time and money to promote. If it is a seasonal product then you should plan your campaign accordingly. You won’t push winter clothes during the hot summer because you won’t get the right amount of people interested into buying your product.

Google related searches

At the bottom of every search result page in Google you will find a list with long tail keywords that can be more suited for the niche and they can be easier to rank for.

Google Search

for ‘[keyword]’ + ‘most popular [posts/sites/article]’ ... So You Don't Have to Reinvent the Wheel to Find Popular Keywords

Soovle searches

Here you can instantly get some related expressions based on your seed keyword. You can even see a top of internet searches.

Yahoo Answers

might be very useful to discover some highly specific keywords based on the way people ask the question. If the topic has a good level of engagement then you can get even the idea for some information products you can create or promote for that niche of people.


could offer hints for some keywords.

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

First Step Toward Prosperity - Finding The Right Niche - Part 2

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After this initial keyword brainstorming session  that I discussed in the article First Step Toward Prosperity - Finding The Right Niche you need to create a list of potential expressions related to your niche.
Don't overanalyze!

Get long-tail keywords ideas on your topic using other free tools than Google AdWords: Keyword Planner.

Keyword Tool IO  an be used as a free instrument to get some other ideas about what topics we need to adress in order to get the interest of people with your form of content marketing. You need to purchase a subscription plan if you want to find out search volumes. the simplest tool that can be used to generate list of longtail keywords related to your topic. From this print screen you can see that this tool will generate some good longtail suggestions. You can even get some article ideas from these expressions.

KWFinder gives you a lot of informations free.
You can easily find search volumes, cost per click estimates, how hard is to qualify in top searches using that phrases, level of competition for that keyword.
What competing sites are ranked top ten using that keyphrase.
All with a simple search.

The power of Mangools KWFinder is unleashed by accessing one of their three subscription plans. The world of search is evolving at a faster pace than we imagine. All search giants such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and others are constantly making upgrades and changes to their algorithms. You need to have the best professional tools to act swiftly whenever big changes occur. You need to have the latest information to know what you need to improve to your blog or site to stay on  top search queries whenever someone searches something related with your content.
Online Visibility Equals Profit! and for that, this is the number one business goal for any online marketer regardless of how much experience does he or she has.

mangools Basic
Keyword research - KWFinder
Keyword searches per 24 hours - 100
Keyword suggestions per search - 200
SERP analysis - SERPChecker
SERP lookups per- 24 hours * -100
Rank tracking - SERPWatcher
Tracked keywords - 200
Tracked domains - Unlimited
Rank updates - Daily
Backlink analysis - LinkMiner
Backlink rows per 24 hours - 2000
Website analysis - SiteProfiler
Site lookups - 20
Account management
Simultaneous logins - 1

mangools Premium
Keyword research - KWFinder
Keyword searches per 24 hours - 500
Keyword suggestions per search - 700
SERP analysis - SERPChecker
SERP lookups per 24 hours * - 500
Rank tracking - SERPWatcher
Tracked keywords - 700
Tracked domains - Unlimited
Rank updates - Daily
Backlink analysis - LinkMiner
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Website analysis - SiteProfiler
Site lookups - 70
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Keyword searches per 24 hours - 1200
Keyword suggestions per search - 700
SERP analysis - SERPChecker
SERP lookups per- 24 hours * - 1200
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Tracked keywords - 1500
Tracked domains - Unlimited
Rank updates - Daily
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Website analysis - SiteProfiler
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Simultaneous logins - 10

Refine more your newly generated list with keyphrases by conducting some insightful market research to find if there is a market for any of your terms. Search for books, courses, seminars, or some sort of products and services that fit your niche. Then find if there are affiliate programs to join and sell those products and services and earn commissions.
If you don't find nothing that people buy to solve the problem they have in that niche maybe there is no need to invest in it and you need to restart your detective work to uncover a good profitable niche.

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

First Step Toward Prosperity - Finding The Right Niche

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Chasing the right niche might seem to take forever if you are barely starting.
The starting point of any niche research is a good session of keyword brainstorming idea.
Start with broad categories where people all around the world search for solutions.
The most profitable niches are in the following categories

  • Health and Wellness.
  • Wealth and Money
  • Dating

Start from the broadest category to the most specific problem people have that your product and service can solve.
Lets take the dating category and break it to smaller specific problems.

  • Dating advice for men
  • Dating advice for women

We have started this way to narrow the category by gender. Each gender will act differently when it comes to dating.
We can narrow this more by inserting age groups.

  • Dating tips for men over 40

Then we can add more solutions to problems that people in that age group might face when dating.

  • Dating mistakes that men over 40 make
  • Guide to dating.

Each topic can solve one particular problem.
Basically we need to have one blog focused on a niche where we can publish articles that will describe the problem to make people feel connected to what it is written, then the blog will start to give the solution to the problem by offering affiliate products and services.
Think of your product and service that you need to sell, and see it what problem can solve for your customer.
What the customer does want and can’t find nowhere else?
Finding the right niche is the starting point of your new life. Let's first clear the definition of a niche. Well basically the niche is a group of people that search for a solution for a particular problem.
How do we know how big is a problem and how much are there willing to pay?
We need to analyze if there is competition on that particular segment of the market.
If your product or service is something completely new and you don’t have enough money to promote it and there is no competition at all, then you have to prepare yourself for a long and tedious process of Internet marketing and product creation.
What successful people say about niche definition:
"A niche isn't “weight loss” or “dating for divorced dads.” A niche is a concrete problem your audience needs solved" - AJ Walton
"The most profitable niche for you will be anything for your expertise areas" - Abrar Mohi Shafee
"Starting a niche site around a subject you are passionate about has a major advantage - you won't get bored and quit" - Alistair Gill
"To someone who wants to start a blog for a living, I would say—choose something that encourages you to be all of yourself" - Amy Segreti
"Do one of these two things (or die trying) GO BIG, or NICHE DOWN" - Andy Crestodina -

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Key Steps To Get From Zero To Riches With Content Marketing

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Content marketing using blog articles or social media posts can be a profitable business for every person willing to invest the time to learn the ins and outs of it.
This is not a get rich quick scheme!
Nothing will happen over night.
It takes some time.
In order to have the best chances to become a successful content marketer starting from zero there are a few key steps toward this goal.
Don’t be afraid that you know nothing and you have to start with zero knowledge about blogging, affiliate marketing, content creation, Internet advertising!
Every successful affiliate marketer who is using content marketing had to go through the following key steps.

Key step 1 – Learning

This will take as much time as every person needs. There is no standard. The rule of thumb is to set up a clear goal and a finite time to learn as much as you can about whatever topic you need to become familiar with, before starting your first affiliate blog.
The learning never stops. 
You need to keep improving your skills to stay in business and earn as much as you want to from your business.
The fastest way to find out what those terms mean (blogging, affiliate marketing, content creation, Internet advertising) is to search their definition online. You can read the definition of these topics in an hour. You won't get very far doing so.

Let's take the definition of affiliate marketing from Wikipedia:
Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.[1]"Affiliate Marketing". 2018. En.Wikipedia.Org.
Now we know what it is, but we don't know how to become successful doing it. We need to read more about it.

We need to carry out in depth study about affiliate marketing or any other topic that we don't undersand yet to be able to start with the right knowledge.
Go to Amazon and search for affiliate marketing books and pick from those with a lots of positive reviews.
Don’t fall into the trap of just reading the books and articles without doing nothing with the knowledge gained.

  • Put an action to every internet article or book page you read. 
  • Read with questions in mind. 

This way you will shorten your learning stage.
As you read and apply what you know you will become more skillful to identify what you can improve, what you don't know yet but you need to, and what you can pay others to do for you.
You will be more efficient and you will have cleared some time chunks in your schedule to allocate them for other activities.
After you have the basic knowledge about affiliate marketing through content you can go to the next key step.

Key Step 2 – Identify Your Niche

To identify the right niche to work on start answering the following questions:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What should they do after reading?
  • What problem do they need solved?
  • Are there competing products or services?
  • Who is my competition?
  • How do they do it?
  • Can I implement some of their steps to start my business and stay in business?

The preparatory stage involves searching for the product or service that is requested by enough people to justify the effort to invest into affiliate services.

Key step 3 – Time Management

You need to be able to produce content on a strict schedule. Your audience is expecting something new from you every x number of days that you define. If you decide that each Monday you wil publish a new article then you need to organize your time to publish that article when your audience is expecting it. This is not hard to do just think of any TV show. You know when is aired and you reserve your time to see it. The same thing happens with content marketing also. Publishing on a strict schedule is important for building and maintaining your audience. They will be your most important word spreading people.
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Monday, August 6, 2018

5 TIPS To Win The Survival Game In Online Business Through Niche Marketing

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TIP 1 - Plan To Create Content That Triggers People’s Wants!

Some internet marketing gurus tell us that content marketing is all about talking about features and benefits that meet people needs.
You need to go a step further to win this fierce survival game in affiliate marketing. Marketing for wants makes people ask for products before the company started the production.
Selling through content marketing is about fulfilling people wants. Our brain is wired to choose something emotionally. Take a smartphone for example. Even if two competing brands have similar products we choose the one that made us wish it more.
The want might be triggered by a lot of factors such as: brand awareness (we know, trust and have a positive attitude for one brand versus the other), social status(the possession of that model will transmit to people around us that we are more accomplished than they are).
To find the right triggers for people wants you need to do some detective work to find some patterns of evidence.

How can you identify the patterns of evidence if you don’t have the money to run market research campaigns?

Big brands have the possibility to run extensive market research campaigns using surveys, direct observations, interviews, focus groups and other methods to gather accurate data about their potential market.
The starting affiliate marketer has to find meaningful data using other methods of research.
For every niche out there you can find groups of people that exchange ideas about that topic. Look for forums, discussion boards, online platforms where people ask questions.

TIP 2 - Finding The Right Niche It Is Compulsory!

Whatever business you might start, there is no way to succeed if you are struggling to find customers after you have launched your product.
The NICHE is the problem that people are willing to pay money to be solved.
Investing time in niche discovery is very important because this way, you will have more chances to reach the goal set before starting the project.
There are niches within niches that will prove a lot of value for advertiser and affiliate marketer too.

TIP 3 - You Don't Sell To Everyone!

You sell only to interested people that have a need to understand the reason behind making the transaction.
One of the most common mistake every beginner content marketer makes, is to assume that he or she has the purpose to convince a non believer to accept the reasons to buy a certain product or service. Doing so it takes a lot of effort and resources (time and money). The most simple solution to start it is to identify the right people that are in the search for a solution to a real problem they have.

TIP 4 - Create Content That Will Differentiate You From Competitors!

Your unique selling propositions has the role to differentiate you from a huge mass of competitors that sell the same product or service.

TIP 5 - Affiliate Marketing Does Not Have To Be A Fierce Battle Between Advertisers And Affiliate Marketers.

Sometimes you will see that you are bidding even against your promoted advertiser who wants to cut the costs.
CPC campaigns fail sometimes because even the advertiser uses those keywords to bring conversions and for that he is willing to invest more money and cannibalize your traffic. This way you as an affiliate marketer will see a drop down in revenue bidding against the advertiser. Talk to your advertiser! Honest advertisers will stop running competing campaigns with their affiliates.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

You MUST define the PURPOSE of your project!

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Don’t think that if you are a beginner without knowledge about what you should do you have to stop and stay scared of starting online affiliate marketing from zero.
You can honestly earn from your blog enough money to pay the bills or you could make this your full time job to advance to the true meaning of affiliate marketing – financial freedom.

Answer yourself WHY are you willing to invest time and money into this new activity.
Writing something meaningful for the first time it is a FRIGHTENING feeling!

  • Start seeing it as your full time business and not as a side hobby.

When doing this you see that you need to have some clear goals. You need to have an action plan. You have to keep an eye on your money flow.

  • Find a way to turn the odds in your favor.
Sometimes it feels like there are impossible odds to beat in this activity.
Constant upgrading of ranking algorithm from major search engines and from social media networks makes the task of keeping your blog on top more difficult.
As a start up you need to find the right ideas to promote otherwise you will not be able to survive. The competition is fierce. There are a lot of people trying to make a living from it.
Fortunately this is one starting point that will help us the beginners to identify the problems and act swiftly to prevent the financial disasters that
Pick from the vast amount of information all that it is useful and be prepared to throw away what does not works for you even though you thought it might.
You’ve probably read amateurish articles about people that made fortunes from affiliate blogging with little or no effort at all.
Everyone else who is doing it as a business will tell you that this involves a lot of effort and time.
The number one question that one should ask from the start is: WHY? followed by other helping questions such as these ones:

  1. What question will help me unfold the trajectory of my professional career?
  2. How can the answer to one single question will alter the course of your future?
  3. What question will uncover the right clues to identify the right path to walk on?

You already have some hints in your mind and you need only to identify them before even starting to write your first blog post.

Follow me in an exercise of imagination where you are the client who needs the best professional services for Internet campaign!

They will ask you some questions before starting working on your project.

All the steps that they identify with you cost some money.

Now you have to cut the expenses and think what you can do by yourself in order to make profit from this.

After this imaginary budget cutting you will have a list of action that you can do without paying money and a list of actions that will cost you money because you need some professional help to jump start your blog.

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Obvious Causes Of Failure In Your New Career As Influence Affiliate Marketer


Failure in affiliate marketing business draw its roots from lack of planing mixed with unrealistic expectations.
Lack of planning and unrealistic expectations are the most important causes of failure. Many internet marketer quit and never think about this activity as a good source of steady income.
Let’s break down these two points:

Cause Number One Of Failure – Lack Of Planning.

Many start up business that grow and have a steady pace in the market have some plan that the owner follows and if it is necessary it helps him to makes the needed course adjustments. The other start up business without planning fail miserably.
It takes you a couple of hours in the first day to jot down what your business will be. You need to work on your mindset also.
 Deep down in your soul you feel, that for you, there must be something more in life than living from paycheck to paycheck.
 To uncover the true potential of yourself let's start using what successful business men do with their life.
In order to have a good business you need to have a more detailed and professional plan. This might take even 30 days. 
Planning is what you will do the next 30 days of your life and this is of paramount importance. Use those 30 days in order to save many months of hard work without a clear purpose.
Defining the goal will reduce the time needed to identify the right actions to take when you want to get the success you are expecting from yourself.

Cause Number Two Of Failure – Unrealistic Expectations.

What can do an absolute beginner in his quest for information that it is flooded with articles from people that claim they make millions monthly using a simple blog?
Stay alert for the the siren song of a a lot of affiliate evangelist that seems to skip the bad aspects of this business and overemphasize the good parts.
Many people choose affiliate marketing without spending enough time to find the method to go further because after reading a lot of material they get the wrong idea that you don’t need to know much to earn from this, you don’t have to prepare anything because you will win instant right after publishing your first article on your blog.
Although Internet marketing might seem to be a good way to escape poverty and all of its problems such as failing health, low self esteem and many other you need to prepare yourself. Start the journey prepared.
  • Create the worst case scenario – the one that is most likely to happen if you don’t plan and learn
  • Create the best case scenario – the most unrealistic one where you earn a lot of money just by publishing one article on a new blog.
  • Create the realistic scenario that is congruent with your plan of action.
Until you haven’t been cheated with poor written “guides” that cost you a lot of money and time without getting enough information to go further, you won’t know how to pick the right guides written by honest people.
All things considered there has to be a better and faster way to get the right information when you need one.
I have decided to write the kind of affiliate marketing guide I would want to read, had I been picking up a book about this business.
What I would wanted back then, was a good guide, that explained to me in terms that I could understand, the affiliate marketing process.
This will be just a simple guide where I present the books and articles that add value to your internet marketing career.
After spending the last years reading and trying to figure out what went wrong I have come across some great life changing books that I will present in the following articles on this blog.
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